Please note, blank applications will be rejected. We're not asking for an autobiography, but we need to know who you are and why you are applying to us.

First, an introduction to NOCTURNE and who we are.

The Linkshell Requiem was one of the original importer linkshells on Ragnarok server prior to FFXI's launch in the west. Over the course of time the various peoples of Requiem left and founded numerous other linkshells which would become the main body of competing HNMLS' on the server. Underlying all the competition was a bond that has passed on through the past 11 year and to this day, many of us still stay in touch.

For FFXIV we aimed to have a reunion of all the players who we once called friends and rivals alike. Due to the condition of FFXIV at launch many of the original 200 or so members we had have moved on from the game.

Fast forward 2 years and we're not sitting at A Realm Reborn's doorstep. With the radical changes the game has gone through, so have the architecture of the servers. Many of the original Requiem members have relocated to North American local servers, but the few of us who live overseas in Japan or Asia have decided to stay behind at Durandal. We have created a new shell for this group called NOCTURNE, a name suited to our categorisation within Requiem as the "night players".

Nocturne is functioning as the continuation of an 11 year old Linkshell that was created at the birth of FF11 in 2002. As a result we've got a very strong connection with our members and anyone who causes a rift will be dealt with swiftly. I understand that very few people come into groups with the intention to cause problems but as a general precaution I want to make that clear.

Nocturne, as a LS, offers no transitioning to a Free Company - While many of our members are together in a Free Company we cannot promise you will be given the same opportunity. This is because we are not in positions of power in said FC, and secondly because Free Companies are unique in that you may only hold one, and so we encourage members to seek one that suits their play-style best. This doesn't mean we can't or won't recommend you to the FC; only you're free to do as you please outside of the LS.

As Durandal server is located in Japan we generally expect our members to be able bodied in Japanese. This is not essential and you will not be ruled out if you can't communicate in Japanese, so don't fret.

We also encourage players to maintain good relations with other players, Japanese or English. Please be mindful of your actions as not to reflect badly upon us or the English speaking player base as a whole. If you are ever uncertain of something please feel free to ask.

We have no restrictions on what level players can join or who, providing you can communicate clearly in English, are well mannered and not a goat, we are happy to welcome you into our vintage family.

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